King Edward Street Unitarian Chapel

We are a welcoming community of diverse individuals who gather to nurture one another’s lifelong spiritual growth.  Our guiding principles are love and reason, freedom and respect, peace and justice.

We welcome you

December dates for your diary:
28 December Tao on Tuesday 12.15
January Dates for your diary
9th, 11th and 16th whole community meetings led by Janina Miklaszewicz

About Us

This chapel has been a haven of free thought in the heart of Macclesfield for over three centuries and yet people don’t know it’s here. However, venture beyond the portico and you will discover a real treasure.

We welcome everyone of any religion or none. Unitarians have no written creed, but are committed to helping one another explore our own spiritualities within a supportive community.

To find out more about Unitarianism visit the General Assemby web site or contact Michael Dadson.

The chapel offers a variety of activities for different tastes and timetables. We welcome you to all our services and events.

King Edward Street is a popular venue for naming and wedding ceremonies and a caring place to hold a funeral service.

Varied events are always being planned and we guarantee a warm welcome at any of them.

Dating from 1689, the Chapel has a rich history that makes it popular with tourists and historians.

View our blog at http://maccunitarians.blogware.com/blog

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