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We are an open and welcoming community of diverse individuals who together nurture one another's spiritual journey

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Welcome to our Unitarian Chapel on King Edward Street

As anyone who has been here for a ceremony of birth or marriage has almost certainly heard, this Chapel has stood here for well over 300 years, founded on the simple principle that no-one should tell you what to think, what to believe, or what to be - because we're all capable of working it out for ourselves.

We are aiming for our life as a spiritual community, as characterised by the Covenant Statement above, to be rather like life in a very special village. In our village we want to encourage and support young people to take hold of their lives with confidence, busy adults to keep hold of life through taxing times, and ageing people to prepare themselves to let go of life when the time comes.

Coming here you won't be welcomed with the question of whether you can fit in by agreeing with our beliefs - as we don't have collective beliefs to impose on you; rather you will be welcomed with the question 'Wonder what thoughts and ideas you have brought to enhance the richness of our community?'!


If you would like to find out more, please contact

Minister Michael Dadson

01625 669233