Macclesfield Unitarians

Used on World Religions Day (Jan. 20th)

Each Seeking Faith – Brian Wren
No. 30 in the Unitarian hymn-book: ‘Sing Your Faith’

Each seeking faith is seeking light, and light dawns on our seeking
When clashing tongues combine to pray that light will shine,
And guide and gather all on earth in peaceful greeting.

Each seeking faith is seeking truth, for truth is lived by seeking;
And though our faiths conflict, no dogma can restrict
The power of truth set free on earth in honest meeting.

Each loving faith is seeking peace, and peace is made by seeking
To spin the strands of trust in patterns free and just,
Till every family on earth is in safe keeping.

Each living faith is seeking life, and life flows through our seeking
To treasure, feel, and show the heart of what we know:
In every faith the Light, the Life, is shining, speaking.

Posted in Thinking Worship on January 29, 2013.