Macclesfield Unitarians


“We want to say Yes to one another – but in our own way”
A Unitarian Wedding Ceremony is one that you help to create, that you enjoy,
and that you will always remember with joy and pride –
a Wedding Ceremony that speaks . . . of you
We believe in the uniqueness of people, and in the unique poetry in the soul of each one of us;
the Unitarian way celebrates people as they truly are –
rather than trying to turn them into something they are not.
A Unitarian Wedding celebrates You as you marry one another; it allows you to express in your own way the depth of your feelings and the strength of your commitment to one other.
So every Unitarian wedding is unique –
a ceremony with integrity, dignity, and personality . . . your personality.
Together we can create a Wedding that feels only right and natural.

Renewal of Marriage
After all this time and all these experiences together, we want to come back and say ‘Yes’ again!
Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to ask for a ceremony that helps them to celebrate their marriage . . . with the benefit of hindsight.
Looking back, they want the opportunity:
to declare that they made the right choice in the first place,
to thank each other for the intervening years,
and to renew their dedication to one another for the future.
There may be feelings of excitement or delight, pride or gratitude, and many more
– there will certainly be great love –
when two people gather their friends and family around them
to express their appreciation of one another
and of the life they have built together.

Me and David, my husband found KES when we were looking for a place to get married. I have been a member of KES for about 8 years.

When David and I got together some people disapproved of us because we were both married to other people at the time however, just as many people supported us or, at least didn’t judge us.

At the same time we were keen to express in our ceremony that our previous partners had not been a mistake but were part of what brought us to that stage in our lives.

Michael explained that there are only two lines that officially needed to be said to be married and the rest of the service was built round our theme of friends and community, David spoke to everyone to explain our thoughts and the day was perfect.