Macclesfield Unitarians

December Sharing Sunday by Clare Reavey

Sharing Sunday and welcome back to Chapel. We were delighted to be back in our lovingly restored Chapel, and showed our appreciation to Stephanie for her tireless contribution throughout the process. The theme of the service was our Chapel Family, which was appropriate as we welcomed Eila back, said goodbye to Andreas and settled back into the building where we hope all people can feel at home and part of the family. There was a retro feel as we played “how green you  are”, hang-man, and Rose’s game where we moved our bodies to represent food; Helen’s swiss roll impression was memorable, literally rolling in the aisles! The highlight for me was the Mars Bar game. Four groups played, each person aiming to roll a six, put on hat, scarf and gloves and attempting to cut into a gift-wrapped mars bar using a flimsy, plastic knife and fork before another team mate rolled a 6 and took over. The sound of laughter from children to elders and everyone in between was a joy. “As we stumble through the stresses and strains of Christmas help us to hold on to our humour and release the joy of silliness”.

Posted in Blog on January 2, 2013.