Macclesfield Unitarians

Children’s Service by Valerie Jackson

For the past six months or more three of our active young mothers have organised services for our young people on the second Sunday of each Month.   The adults are present and  join in – so it is a community sharing time for all of us.
 I have enjoyed these well presented and thoughtful services very much.  The life topics are relevant and simply put across, together with craft and creative activity.
 Now all we need is some more young mothers and children to come and share these meaningful services with us.  Every second Sunday at 10 a.m.
 Why not come along? Or contact us for more information so that we could welcome you personally in our unique, recently restored Chapel – just described as one of the Seven Wonders of Macclesfield in the local press! How about that then?
Val Jackson
Posted in Blog on January 2, 2013.