Macclesfield Unitarians

Be gentle with one another – used Jan 6th

‘Be gentle with one another’ –

It is a cry from the lives of people battered by thoughtless words and brutal deeds;
It comes from the lips of those who speak them,
And the lives of those who do them.

Who of us can look inside another and know what is there
Of hope and hurt, of promise and pain?
Who can know from what far places each has come
Or to what far places each may hope to go?

Our lives are like fragile eggs.
They crack and the substance escapes.
Handle with care!
Handle with exceedingly tender care;
For there are human beings within –
Human beings as vulnerable as you are,
Who feel as you feel,
Who hurt as you hurt.

Life is too transient to be cruel with one another;
It is too short for thoughtlessness,
Too brief for hurting.
Life is long enough for caring,
Lasting enough for sharing,
Precious enough for love.

Be gentle with one another.

Richard Gilbert

Posted in Thinking Worship on January 14, 2013.