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Atheist Church Services – Michael 26/2/13

Recently the media has been covering with some interest something called the ‘Sunday Assembly’ – which is described by its organisers as “a godless congregation that meets to hear great talks, sing songs, and generally celebrate life.”
A first-time attender said: “It’s got all the good things about church without the terrible dogma”.
The one formula of words they do use is the encouragement to “live better, help often, and wonder more.” Would we have any problem with that?

Indeed the Editor of the Inquirer, Colleen Burns, had this letter published in the Guardian:-

The ‘Church without believers’ (Report, 4 February) looks like an excellent effort to create community around spiritual ideas. it’s very like what goes on in Unitarian churches every Sunday.
Many Unitarians are atheists, and we are each on our own individual path – which may or may not involve belief in God.
Anyone intrigued by the Assembly in London may want to consider searching out their local Unitarian community.

Are we ready for the influx, folks?!

Posted in Thinking Aloud on February 26, 2013.